Discover what your users would love

Dilisim's recommender technology learns your customers' taste, and personalizes the content you present. You can increase conversion rates, utilize the long tail, surprise and satisfy your users. They discover accurate, serendipitous products, feel valuable and love your system.


Personalize consumer experience

The accurate, efficient, scalable recommender service seamlessly integrates into your system. You can predict whether a user would love a product, generate lists of recommendations for users, discover similar minds to someone, and find out the related products. You can even design ads and email campaigns directed to individuals.


Enjoy cutting-edge technology

Our cloud based technology extends beyond the standard way of recommending. It can generate recommendations to both explicit and implicit feedback, provide recommendations for any target (star ratings, categorical recommendation, etc.), update itself incrementally, utilize content based side information and context (such as proximity, day of week, etc.). Even new users enjoy the recommendations, and new items can be recommended. Dilisim has been granted an award by TUBITAK for its unique recommender technology.