Meet the team

Özgür Yılmazel

Founder Partner

Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing researcher,
special interest in applications of information retrieval in conjunction with intelligent
extraction systems.

Sibel Yılmazel

Founder Partner

M. Ali Nadi Güleç

Software Engineer

Complex Event Processing, Cloudera Hadoop Developer

Burak Pehlivanlı

Project Manager

Manage people, processes and expectations.

Can Tezgöçen

Software Engineer

Caner Kavak

Software Engineer

You see all those cool looking portals, dashboards and applications my code is behind them.

Cevat Uzun

Solutions Architect

Big Data Solutions Architect and Trainer

Erengül Bayram

Software Engineer

Data Scientist, Recommender Systems researcher, Open Source
enthusiast. Builds and manages data intensive products.

İsmail Aldış

Product Maneger / UI/UX Designer

İsmail Keskin

Sr. Solutions Architect

Kenan Boylu

Software Engineer

Salih Şen

Sr. Software Engineer

Jack of all trades - Solr, Information Retrieval, Big Data and all that entails.