Make data intensive decisions

Once you have a question in mind, we let your data answer it. We build your platform, implement the software, create your enterprise workflows, and give answers back to you. We automate all the steps, train your team, and empower you to utilize your future data. 


Install your cluster

Dilisim Operations team plans the best cluster configuration for your hardware and needs. We install your cluster, configure it for your use cases, and provide service-level agreements. Dilisim engineers work for you to get the best from your hardware.


Employ enterprise data software

Dilisim Solutions team not only creates software to answer your questions, but makes them extensible, automated, and repeatable. We complete the entire workflow from ingesting data to putting back the inferred knowledge to your data driven product.



Enjoy big data mining

Dilisim Data team implements high dimensional, online, and distributed machine learning software that utilize your Big Data infrastructure. We help you discover hidden patterns in your entire data. Starting from cleaning your data, we create the right predictive model for you, deploy the model to your online application, and incrementally update it with new data.


Video - Data Economy: Big Data Giveaway

In this video, called “Big Data Giveaway”, Doug Cutting and Mike Olson talk big data and Hadoop as “the next big things”, open source, and how Cloudera provides value to the open source platform with management, expertise, support, and training.